how about audio content from movies and multimedia from Safari?

Calls, Podcasts and Music are supported based on reviews but I am also looking for a bluetooth device that is capable of streaming all audio content from movies and multi media from Safari. Thank you.

Bose® Bluetooth Headset Series II - Right Ear

Bose® Bluetooth Headset Series II - Right Ear

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • The headset allows connection between 2 devices at the same time. This can be two phones or a phone and another device audio only. I connect to my Macbook Pro (the whole system regardless of application) and my iPhone 6 with priority going to the phone when the phone is putting out audio. It will switch back to the Macbook on its own with some delay when the audio from the phone stops.
    You can force this to happen faster by toggling the power and the already playing audio will come back in. When the Macbook and the iMac were both on there was some competition between all of the devices that was solved by going to iMac and disconnecting the bose from the list. I forgot that it tries to reconnect automatically.
    Stick to one other device or disable it from the extra devices that may be on and around your other synced device. The headset can remember more than 2 devices but runs only 2 at a time, adding a 3rd will cause some trouble.

  • It doesn't matter what iOS App you use to play movies - anything with audio, the BOSE works perfectly with iPhone & iPad and excellent clarity with phone calls.