Hi, I've bought the Disney Cars2 Appmates but I can't find the App not at the AppStore nor at the Itunes store. Where should I get it?  Thanks, Ileana

Disney Cars 2 AppMATes by Spinmaster

Disney Cars 2 AppMATes by Spinmaster

Product No Longer Available

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    search for 'cars 2 AppMATes' in the app store from your iPad. Its available for free.

  • What I found was that because I am from Australia I was not able to access the app so I signed up to the US iTunes site using a US address and no credit card and was able to download it. The instructions for setting up an account with no credit card are on the apple website.

  • you need to search fro it from the iPad

  • The App is definitely in the AppStore - available since 10/01 with an update now for the Francesco & Shu cars, exclusively available at Apple.com and Apple Retail Stores