Hi - I'm interested in knowing about whether the Escort SmartRadar Detector Apple Pack is will be offered for sale at Virginia Apple stores.

The product is Apple no: H9158LL/A.

Radar detectors are illegal in Virginia and the District of Columbia. I presume that Apple would not offer these in their Apple stores in Virginia and DC. Further to the question, would the item be shipped to buyers who live in Virginia and DC from the online Apple store?


Escort SmartRadar Detector Apple Pack

Escort SmartRadar Detector Apple Pack

Product No Longer Available

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  • For products such as radar detectors it usually becomes the responsibility of the buyer to know their local laws. It's much like here in NC, it's not illegal to buy a AUTO pocket knife, it's illegal to own one. I can't speak for apple, but I would presume that they would sell it just like any other vendor would.