Hi all, i'm using 13" mac pro. I am looking for a college bag that would fit in my mac, its accessories and 3-4 books. Does it fit in comfortly?

Incase Compact Backpack

Incase Compact Backpack

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    Hello there, I have a 15" MBP. It is a great bag, I highly recommend it. It fits in a 13" a little loose, but it's great, regardless. You can also put in an iPad in there if you'd like, in the same compartment. It's got a slim pocket on the outside of the MBP slot, but it lacks a bit of padding. That is one pocket good for holding a workbook or really thin textbook. That is the side to your back. If you go to the other side, it has a stretchy pocket, and 2 pencil slots. They're a little thin, so don't get one of the fat gel pencils. There is then another small pocket, but this one isn't stretchy. Now, the middle pocket. This is a compact backpack. 3-4 text books will not fit. There is a large pocket towards the far side, but it will fit only one text book. So now, you have 3 textbooks, and the MBP charger. To put it in small words, It won't fit. It's a little small.