Have a Lacie 2tb thunderbolt (5400rpm) and a lacie 4tb 2big thunderbolt RAID series hard drive (7200rpm). Will chaining them increase transfer speed?

Will daisy chaining thunderbolt hard drives with different spindle speeds increase transfer rates?

LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series RAID Hard Drive

LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series RAID Hard Drive

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    Yes.... but unfortunately, if you RAID-0 the 2TB and 4TB disks together you will get a 4TB array, not a 6TB array (you'll lose half the capacity of your 4TB drive). Also, using differing performance drives means that your 7200 RPM drive will be degraded to 5400 RPM performance as they both have to be accessed together. So you don't get the 5400 RPM +7200 RPM performance in total, but 2x5400 RPM performance.

  • The 2big drives have two separate drives internally that are striped together using Apple's Disk Utility. Just like the Little Big Disk. From the factory, they are configured as RAID-0, so the 4TB 2big has 2x2TB, and the 2TB Little Big Disk has 2x1TB drives within.

    If you wish to stripe two separate 2big drives together into one large array, use Disk Utility to reconfigure the 4 drive mechanisms into a new RAID-0 array. In your question, you would then have a 6TB RAID-0 array of 4 disks.

    The downside is that all drives must be present, and if even one drive mechanism goes offline, the entire configured array is no longer accessible.

    Why would one want a striped RAID-0 array spread across multiple drives? Performance. If the performance is not needed, best to keep the drives separate.

  • It really depends how you set them up - if you have setup a 'striped' RAID across all 3 physical disks it should do as it can read / write to all 3 at the same time.