Has anyone used Time Capsule with a Fios/Verizon router?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yep, it can work fine if you follow a simple process to set up. The bottom line is that the TC needs to run in bridge mode, and the Verizon router does most of the "heavy lifting" of network decisions.

    1) Connect an ethernet cable between one of the numbered ports on the FIOS router and the incoming WAN port of the Time Capsule
    2) Open the AirPort Utility and click on Manual Setup with your TC selected
    3) Click on the Internet icon at the top
    4) Under the Internet Connection tab change Connection Sharing to Off (Bridge Mode)
    5) Click Update to reboot your Time Capsule

    This process allows you to have two separate wireless networks, though you could shut off the Verizon router signal if you only want to run the wireless from the TC.