Got a new battery for my 13-inch black macbook. I'm using it on a computer running on SNOW LEOPARD. Is there a way to adjust life past 2 hours?

On TIGER, you were able to adjust battery for BETTER PERFORMANCE, LONGER BATTERY LIFE, etc. but I can't find options like that on SNOW LEOPARD. I was under the impression that, while running solely on battery (no power cord) that the life expectancy was around 6 hours before having to be recharged but it's only running to about 3 hours. Is this a faulty battery or is there something you have to do, besides just replace the old battery, with the new battery? (do you have to calibrate or something? whatever that is ...)

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

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    Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard adjusts the power use automatically, but the amount of time you can get out of your battery increases over the first few tens of cycles to its maximum before starting to decline.
    Remember that WiFi, Bluetooth, optical drive use, screen brightness, etc, consume more power.