Expanding a network from Sky Router wirelessly to Apple Extreme in seperate rooms?

Here is the problem that I face, I live in an apartment building and have our second bedroom as an office so this houses my printer, back up harddrive, media harddrive. Here lies the problem the I am a SKY broadband customer so by there terms and conditions must use there supplied router but the supplied router will not let me extend the network from the base station or even connect to it to bridge wirelessly.

When i have the extreme base station hard wired to it it has no problems so i can then turn off the broadcasting on the sky router and just have the base station. This is the problem as i only can have my router in one of two rooms and neither are the office. So need to connect it but without wires?

So what i am trying to do is to arrange a way so that i can access the internet, harddrives, printers etc through the base station but this means i have to have a way of getting it connected, things i have thought about are the Ethernet plugs to send the link or getting another router that can be extended to the Extreme base station, either 3rd party router or if the express base station would work.

Any thoughts or tips would help a lot?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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