Does wireless mean you don't have to use any wires to connect to the internet

I have wires that I think plug into the back of my airport but I thought airport was wireless

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    There are no wires linking your computer to the Airport, BUT you will have one wire to connect (aside from the power cord)--an ethernet cable from your cable/DSL modem's 'Out' jack to the AirPort's 'Ethernet WAN' jack.

    That feeds the incoming Internet signal from your modem into the Airport so it can then be broadcast wirelessly throughout your home.

    No wires or worries after that.

  • You need to connect to your modem with an ethernet cable, but after that, the entire system is wireless and the signal to your computer will require no wires.

  • YoU Just plug in the Power Cord
    1 wire
    Then plug in an ethernet cable from your modem
    Another wire

    That should be all!!!

  • I use wireless networking in my home. My ISP (Charter Cable) provided a coaxial cable from their network to my cable modem. The cable modem attaches to my combination WiFi access point/router via a short ethernet cable (it's really just a patch cable). Downstream from the router I'm wireless if I want to be. My AP/router combination also has four ethernet ports, which I use for machines that are located physically next to the unit. The rest of the machines in my house are wireless.

    Hope this helps...