Does Time Machine support NFS?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes, assuming that you mean Time Machine (and not Time Capsule), it supports NFS but with some work. There are quite some descriptions available that describe how to prepare a Linux server to do so, Google for "Time Machine nfs share". The key ingredient is to mount the disk holding the Time Machine backup with the "user_xattr" option (on the Linux server, not on the Mac).

    However, if you're using an Linux server as a Time Machine backup disk, it is a lot easier to install the netatalk package and configure it to support Time Machine, just Google for "netatalk Time Machine". In that way your Linux server will speak the Mac native AFP protocol.

    Now, if you meant "Does Time Capsule support NFS", the answer is no, unfortunately not. Time Capsule only supports the AFP and SMB/CIFS network disk protocols, not NFS.

  • It is not an issue. NFS is an application, not a stand-alone function you can just install on a piece of hardware.

    If it is hooked up as an external drive to a computer with an NFS server, then it would behave as any other external drive in that situation.