Does Time Capsule work with fiber optics internet connection?

My neighborhood will shortly be going to fiber optic internet connection. I am wondering if the Time Capsule would be a viable option for me to use for my router and backup?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Certainly. My verizon FiOS comes out into a standard Verizon supplied (coax) cable modem (free & included 802.11g wireless maybe they supply .n now?). I simply plugged the Time Machine (not the same as the Way Back Machine used by Sherman & Professor Peabody) into the cable modem/router with a short Ethernet cable & follow directions. I attach my big iMac with an Ethernet cable but wireless works fine too. Rename device setup password & good to go.

    I set up all my clients to use the TM wifi cuz better. TM says switch from DHCP to NAT bridge mode. I may try later but prior described connection gives me fast Internet.

  • Almost certainly. And it makes a fine choice! :-)

    In the UK, the BT-supplied "OpenReach Modem" is the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) which is a modem that passes Ethernet from your ISP router through to the termination point (DSL2 from the wall jack or a fibre-optic termination point). Just rip out the supplied hub from the ISP you've gone with and substitute the Time Capsule. For Sky, use DHCP (no login or password); for BT, use PPPoE and log in with the username and password they mail you.

    Generic advice: if Airport Utility advises you (by flashing the base station light) that you should go into bridge mode, take the advice and do it. Ideally, you'd let the Time Capsule do NAT, but if you can't get your modem into "Bridge mode" or something like it, you'll have to settle for turning wi-fi off on your ISP-supplied box and then putting the Time Capsule into bridge mode.