does this work with iphone4s?

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

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    Unless you have some kind of mutant 4S that has a lightning connector, no.

  • You can use the older model Apple Digital AV Adapter (MD098ZM/A) on the Iphone 4S. It is basically the same except has the 30 pin style connector instead of the lightning connectors. ie...30 pin to device and 30 pin recharge port...still has the HDMI outlet to connect to your TV or other video output device. (Works great!)

  • no it wont as it uses the 30 pin dock connector maybe the 30pin to hdmi adaptor may work

  • No. The iPhone 4s and below has the old 30 pin connector. The only only way to connect this adapter to the iPhone 4s is to use the lightning to 30 pin adapter, but video output is not supported by it. So sadly the answer is no.