Does this work with iPhone 5?

Bose® Bluetooth Headset Series II - Right Ear

Bose® Bluetooth Headset Series II - Right Ear

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    Works great when you talk on the phone, but I have found that it does not play well with Siri.

    When I ask Siri to call someone while i am on the headset, she NEVER gets the name right. When I turn off the headset and make the same request via the phone mic, Siri is 99% accurate.

    I am assuming that's because the headset is not accurately rendering what I am asking.

    It really is too bad because I find myself turning off the headset, asking Siri to place a call and once she is placing the call, I turn the headset back on.

  • Yes this does work with the iPhone 5. Just upgraded from a Blackberry and the iphone would not recognize the blue tooth. Keep trying and failing but went to the Bose site and the video instructed to hold down the on/off key for 5 seconds.

    This worked like a charm. It recognized the bose 2 and I just clicked on it. I haven't tried Siri yet but for calls it is now fine.