does this work with garageband guitar amps on ipad?

Griffin GuitarConnect Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Griffin GuitarConnect Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • Yes it works but the signal is a bit dodgy. there are times where the signal gets cut off completely for a second or so. But overall, if you already have GarageBand installed it's worth buying if you absolutely must plug your guitar in.

    I would go with AmpliTube for the iPad if you are a serious guitar player. But for making music as a hobby, the cable is good as it is with GarageBand.

  • Best Answer:

    It works fantastically well with GarageBand. I got it tonight, connected to my bass, and tasted the full range of amp and stomp boxes. The GB compressor is tops, and the quality of the bass sound is superior to that from iShred through headphones.

    No drop outs (on iPad 1); perhaps the other guy had the noise gate up too high??