Does this work with a Jaguar XF 2010 and an IPOD Classic 160GB latest generation

I have just purchased both a new Jaguar XF 2010 model and an IPOD Classic 160gb. The Jaguar has the portable audio interface so I can connect to my IPOD. However, I understand there is no way of charging my IPOD while using the PAI. Does the Scosche Passport Car Charging Adaptor work to allow the IPOD to charge up ??

Scosche passPORT Charging Adapter for iPhone 3G

Scosche passPORT Charging Adapter for iPhone 3G

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  • I have a 2010 XF with the iPhone 3GS. I have now purchased two of the Passports thinking the first may have been broken and neither charges my 3GS even though it's listed in their documentation as being compatible. All of the controls work fine through it, but no charging which is the only reason it's necessary in the first place.

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    Dear SB
    the latest model XFs have reconfiguered cables.
    I tried a cable from one last week at the Jag. dealers, it charged my 4th. gen nano no problem,without an adaptor.My current lead won't charge it even with a scoshe, but it charges both my classics without a scoshe.I never thought to try the classics with the new cable.Anyhow I have a new cable on order,under warranty,only prob. I'll have a long wait for it, a shortage of new cables I have been told. I expect the new cable to charge everthing without an scoshe. Is this any help to you?