Does this work to connect your laptop to your stereo?

I want to connect my MacBook to my Bose stereo and need to know if this cord will allow me to.

Belkin 3.5mm Mini Stereo Cable

Belkin 3.5mm Mini Stereo Cable

Product No Longer Available

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    one end will work with the mac however you should look in the Bose manual to see that the input is listed as 3.5mm and not the 1/8th inch or .125 inch american size since 3.5 mm converts to 3.175 mm this makes for a wobbly / loose connection at best and can result in noise and pops from the somewhat loose and possibly intermittent connection, these can damage equipment and/or your ears depending on volume and environment. assuming the Bose system input is also listed as 3.5mm then yes, it'll work fine.