Does this unit support 5.1 digital surround? I do not see input or out put for digital audio.

Elgato EyeTV HD Video Recorder

Elgato EyeTV HD Video Recorder

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    No. I asked Elgato and they say they have no plans to include anything better than stereo audio to any of their products now or in the future. I'm a recording engineer and I've spent thousands of dollars on my listening environment, and yet I can't find a single Apple supported product that records Dolby Digital or DTS. I understand that there would be a licensing fee, but I for one would be glad to pay extra for the ability. I know one person who bought an M-Audio firewire recording interface and he uses Pro Tools and FCP compressor. But that seems like so much work just so I can record videos to watch on the way to work. If anybody does know of a video capture solution (that will work with a Mac Book Pro) that records AC3 or DTS please suggest it here. I'm sure there are many of us looking for something that'll do it. Thanks! And to Elgato...what the heck is wrong with you people???

  • EyeTV will record 5.1 audio if you use a different box like the HDPVR by Hauppauge. The only problem is the software cannot change channels thru the other box. So using it as a DVR is not possible. There are IR blaster workarounds but I cannot vouch for them as I've never tried one.

  • nope.