Does this strap also fit a 5th generation ipod nano.

iPod nano Armband

iPod nano Armband

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, it does. To quote from the product description, "Simply insert your iPod nano (5th generation) into the pocket, ..."

  • This is for the 5G.

  • This is made for the 5th generation (Video Camera) iPod nano, you may be mistaken for the 4th generation iPod nano whereas the answer would be no.

  • No it does NOT fit... the headphone jack is on the opposite side from the earlier nano... I have both and this strap will not work on my new 5th gen version. (unless I somehow can punch a new hole on the opposite side!)

  • Well I guess, I don't have one yet but it doesn't fit the 4g I learned that the hard way!

  • yes