Does this scale "remember" your previous weight, and re-use it to imply accuracy through consistancy?

I've had issues with other digital scales "remembering" it's previous reading, rather than doing a true weigh each time. The scale will immediately jump straight to the previous reading whereas it would otherwise fluctuate within a range of a few ounces until it settles on an exact weight. When you finally break the threshold where the scale decides you may not be the same user because there is enough of a weight difference, there is suddenly a 6-lb change in your weight. Any experiences with this scale to support the idea that this one does(n't) do this?

WiFi body scale by Withings

WiFi body scale by Withings

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    This one is accurate and I have tried a lot of weighing scales. The scale is sensitive to movement but once you are steady it records the weight and provides BMI & fat mass calculation on the scale. It also detects who the person being weighed, within the range of previous reading. Otherwise you can assign the reading to or from a registered user. A must to track your weight.