Does this Parrot Ar 2.0 drone break down a lot

I heard it has trouble with computer

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

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  • Starting out as a novice and now after about 40 flights: While I have collected some scratches, there have been no breakdowns, no parts to replace, and no decrease in performance. The indoor hull does its job (and it shows!) and the outdoor hull assumes the user is aware of any threatening obstacles.

    Mine once did battle with a lampshade, and the lampshade had to be replaced, but the Drone was fine (and, perhaps I detected, a little smug, afterwards). Yes, it is tough.

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    Breakdowns are going to be commiserate with your flying style and your tolerance to risk. It is tough, but not invincible. The good news is that parts are readily available online, and it is pretty easy to work on.

  • really depends where you are using it...
    I have a huge park next to my house, where i normally take it for fun, and i have had no problem. but obviously if its being crahed on asphault, concrete, walls.... damage will soon start showing up.

  • On the sixth flight mine stopped working. I received an error "Ultrasound Emergency". I took it apart to check for any loose connections and did not find any. Then I cleaned anything I saw that might be a problem and it still won't fly. It is now a very expensive dust collector.

  • It never breaks down! I have had 300 consecutive flights with no problems. Crashing because of human error is the only cause of breakdowns.