does this monitor sit in a level plane with a mid 2010 27" imac? IE do the monitors line up height wise when placed side by side on your desk?

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

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    No. From the posted specifications of the iMac 27" and the 27" Cinema Display (height from base), the iMac is approximately 0.9 inches higher. Why they did that is /boggle. If the stand were adjustable in height it would be fine, but if it's anything like the iMac stand (and the pictures seem to indicate it is exactly the same design), it cannot be adjusted vertically.

    The obvious conclusion is that it's somewhat ill-suited as a secondary display if you need them aligned. Again, for no good reason for Apple to have done that. It's a total waste considering it would have been a cakewalk design-wise, but there it is...

  • From the graphical representations they do not line up, the display is not as tall as the imac.

  • No because the iMac has a chin. Anyway, the iMac is a computer with a monitor, with the "Spaces" software feature you'll get, you won't need a second monitor.

  • Yes.