Does this magnet cover demagnetize credit cards or hotel keys?

iPad Smart Cover

iPad Smart Cover

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    The magnets in the smart cover can indeed damage any card that has a magnetic strip on the back. It is unlikely (although not impossible) that this could happen from simply placing a card on or near the cover, but it will almost cirtainly happen if the card is swiped across the magnet multiple times.

  • The smart cover is ABSOLUTELY magnetized, that's how I'm able to plant it against my refrigerator and hold the iPad up. I have placed my credit cards on the iPad with and without the cover with no issues just laying them there. I do not think the strength of the magnets is enough to hurt credit cards but there's no point in pushing it.

  • Any magnet has the potential to interfere with a credit card strip. To be safe I would keep your credit cards away from the right side of the smart cover where the magnet resides.

  • Credit cards seem to do okay since they are in a wallet, but the cover demagnetized my ship stateroom key and I assume it would do the same to a hotel room key.

  • My wife is in India right now and the hotel key keeps getting demagnitized!

    My guess from the other responses regarding credit cards is they are much more robust and aren't getting demagnitized.