Does this include a belt clip or is it easy to carry?

I want to be able to just carry my iPad2, which has a case, and the keyboard in one hand without it being too unwieldy. When folded, does it have a belt clip or is it small enough to carry in one hand with the iPad?

HiPPiH iEagle Foldable Wireless Keyboard

HiPPiH iEagle Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Product No Longer Available

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    The keyboard is quite small and can with ease be carried together with the iPad

  • Once folded, it is quite manageable in size. However, it's still a bit large to be clipped to your belt, assuming you're not referring to a full size leather tool belt. Also, you'd be carrying two items: the iPad and the keyboard. If you just want to carry one item in one hand, consider ZAGG (Logitech). But if you have a large pocket in your jacket, the folded keyboard here can fit it.