Does this headset also come with a microphone for recording into iPod Touch or does it allow for use with ?

I have an earlier version (I think it is QC2) that has the ability to record into voice Memos, iTalk, etc.

The long cable that connects to the headphone plugs into a communications plug-in and that has a cable that has a microphone which you can clip onto your clothes. I use this a great deal, but the long cable connected to the headset doesn't work anymore. I can use the short cable, however. If I can use the Bose AE2i headset with this communications plug-in, that would be great.

Bose® AE2i Mobile Headset (with Remote and Mic)

Bose® AE2i Mobile Headset (with Remote and Mic)

Product No Longer Available

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    yes you can