Does this film stop all scratches?

I was thinking about buying a case that covers my whole iPhone (so when I need to use it I just take it out), but the reports on those said they scratched the screen/back easily. I thought this screen looked to be a scratch-resistant one and just wanted some feedback on this, thank you.

Power Support Crystal Film Set

Power Support Crystal Film Set

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3 Answers from the Community

  • Hard cases can get grit and crumbs in spaces and cause scratches, silicone cases are a bit better, but if the situation adds up, it can still end up with some minor scratching, some not visible to the eye, but typically the grit will push into the silicone enough to prevent scratching. Film on the glass protects that completely from scratches.

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  • Best Answer:

    The screen can be eventually scratched if the iPhone is constantly exposed to high friction (like keys or change in your pockets). This film prevents all scratches of your front panel.

  • No, scratch resistent not scratch proof