Does This Dock Boost Your Signal?

My old iPhone 3G dock gave me 5 bars when I usually have one at home, it meant I could receive text messages more reliably when it was docked. Does the iPhone 4 dock do the same thing?

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

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    The dock connector provides no connection to the antenna on the iPhone, so the dock itself (for the 3G or 4) shouldn't really do anything in way of improving signal. What you may have experienced was an increase in signal because the iPhone was not in your hand or on a hard surface, both of which could potentially decrease signal strength. Other than that the dock will do no good in boosting the signal.

  • No, Apple docks do not increase signal quality by design, but rather by accident. There is no guarantee you will experience the same results with this dock.

    The signal boost you experienced with your 3G was probably environmental, for example the fact that it was plugged in, or the antenna was not obstructed by a table or hand. If this is the case then you may see a similar boost, however Apple does not advertise or guarantee such an experience.