Does this car charger sync music to the car, as well as charge?  If not, where can I find a USB car charger that also plays music through the igniter?

Incase Universal Mini Car Charger

Incase Universal Mini Car Charger

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    No it doesn't sync music, it will only charge.

    Car cigarette lighters / 12V sockets are never connected to the car stereo.

    If there is no digital input for your stereo (e.g. USB) then the only other possibilities are:

    -bluetooth connection - may allow skipping tracks etc (if you car has it)
    -3.5mm auxillary input - will just play whatever you have selected on the phone (if your car has it) - speak to your car dealer as sometimes this input can be installed as an after market option.
    -or you may be able to get a FM transmitter (for the iPod/iPhone) that you can then pick up with your radio - however these were/are illegal in some countries.

  • I think you would like to know if this device will allow you to play music through your car's speakers, correct?

    I don't think it will. The car needs to communicate to your iDevice, either through Bluetooth or a USB connection. This supplies a USB port, but only for charging. There is most likely no connection to the speakers of your car through your car's accessory charging port.