Does this bag have a rubberized shoulder strap?

Hoping the shoulder pad stays in place securely.

Brenthaven 15" Elliot Deluxe Brief for MacBook

Brenthaven 15" Elliot Deluxe Brief for MacBook

Product No Longer Available

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    The shoulder portion of the strap is padded and comfortable to wear. However, after inspection of it, I do not believe this has any form of rubberized compound. I am familiar with the straps you are referring to and this is not one of them.

    This strap, the padded portion, has two sides. One is the same nylon mesh material the bag is made of. The other side is a type of leather material. There is a little grip in the material, but probably not as much as would be in a rubberized strap.

    If you are concerned that the strap will slide off your shoulder, I can say that this has only happened to me once. I was able to brace the bag in my arm, but I have no concerns about the bag. It fits everything I need and is comfortable to wear.

    I hope this answers your question.