Does this adapter work with the 1st gen iphone dock?

Apple iPhone 4 Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack

Apple iPhone 4 Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack

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    No these only work with the Universal dock that has inserts that you can pop in and out. This also works with other docks that you can pop inserts in and out of.

  • No, the 1st gen iPhone dock doesn't use adapters, it's made specifically for the original iPhone. This will only work in a Universal dock... search the Apple Store for "Universal Dock" to find the official Apple Universal dock. Also, most third-party iPod docking solutions, like desktop speaker systems, use Universal Dock adapters.

  • No, but I phone 4 actually fits in 1st gen iPhone dock. I have iPhone 4 in one right now, and I was surprised at how well it fit. The phone is made of glass I don't want to lay it flat on my nightstand, so until my dock is delivered, this should do fine..

  • Actually, the iPhone 4 fits into a 1st gen iPhone dock with no adapter needed. I tried my 4 with the old dock, and it fits fine, charges fine, connects fine.

  • It's for the Univeral Dock, won't snap into a generation-specific dock.

  • No, It will only work with the Apple Universal Dock.

  • No. The 1st Generation iPhone dock was only made to fit the 1st Generation iPhone. These adapters are made for 3rd party sound docks, etc. This will work with the Apple Universal Dock.

  • No, the first generation iPhone dock did not have a removable dock adapter piece. It will work with any sound docks or the Apple Universal Dock.

  • The dock I used for my first generation is now being used by my new iPhone4 with no problem at all. I have ordered a car charger / dock/ combo, but until that comes the original works fine.

  • The iPhone 4 works just fine in the original iPhone dock. Ne need to buy anything if you owned the original iPhone.

  • it should, the dock ports where the actual adaptor slips into hasnt changed in a long time