Does the time capsule have a built in airport extreme? I don't need one of each?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    "Does the time capsule have a built in airport extreme?"

    If you mean WI-FI router, than yes.

    "I don't need one of each?"

    If you mean Time Capsule and Airport Extreme together? No.
    The Time Capsule comes with all the great features. It's gonna be your backup drive and your wireless router in one. Plus you have the option to attach additional external hard-drive(s) and/or printer to it via the USB port included on the back. Trust me, you gonna love it.

  • The time capsule is a hard drive that backs up one or multiple hard disks in your network, and a airport extreme in one device! Cool huh? So no, you don't need both. It gets warm/hot because of that combination; by the way:) So keep it well ventilated if you decide on one. I prop mine up on a shelf system that lets air throu the underbelly. It is configured to make back ups of your OS, file by file or of multiple whole drives, just in case your have an Imac with a SSD and a HD 1-2 Terebyte. It will back up both if you don't exclude the later, as it is mainly to target a full recreation of your Mac OS in the unfortunate event you loose a file or have a HD failure. Hope this helps. Regards, KC

  • If I understand what you are asking the answer is YES. It does include the features of an Airport Extreme (e.g., wireless routing, dual band wi-fi:so you can connect your Mac at N speed and still connect a Nintendo DSi at a lower speed, or with a different security setting, and ability to add an external hard drive OR a printer to share).

    I have the previous version TC and have used it without any problems for a couple years now. I wish I had the dual band support offered by the current Time Capsule (a really nice feature).

    You should get great service out of this device and enjoy it for a good long while. I am sure you will be happy with it!