does the smart cover scratch iPad on the part where magnet connects?

Does the magnets on the cover where it connects to the iPad scratch the side of it?

iPad mini Smart Cover

iPad mini Smart Cover

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    It won't scratch the iPad where the cover contacts it. There are no hard and sharp materials that could make contact with the ipad.

  • No, the magnets are covered so no scratching

  • it does not because it is covered by the fabric

  • No, not at all, the magnets are indeed covered, hope this helps.

  • No, it doesn't they covered the magnets on the ipad mini smart cover. they are no longer exposed like they are on the regular ipad smart cover.

  • No, the magnets inside the iPad Smart Covers will not scratch the screen of the iPad. There is fabric in between the magnets and the iPad screen that will keep it from scratching.

  • No, there is a microfiber lining between the cover and the iPad.

  • In time, YES. It Does scratch your iPad because the rubber on the covers hinge wears away and theres metal underneath. My iPad3 has little scratch and scuff marks from it. Im kinda mad now because i take very good care of my devices. Ive had this iPad3 for almost a year and theres not one scratch, dent, ding, or anything except for these marks caused by the stupid cover. I shouldve just got the smart case instead...