Does the smart cover fit the ipad1?

iPad Smart Cover

iPad Smart Cover

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    Since the exterior of the iPad 1 and iPad 2 are the same dimensions it does fit the top of the screen. However, the iPad 2 has magnets built into the machine in order to respond to the magnets in the smart cover. This allows the cover to stay in place and be appropriately aligned. Also, this allows the cover to lock or awaken the screen. Essentially, the smart cover will not stay on the iPad 1 because there are no magnets. I would not recommend buying a smart cover if you only own an iPad 1.

  • No, the ipad 1 doesent have the magnets in it to attach it. It only works with ipad 2

  • No as the ipad 1 doesnt have magnets built in to attach the smart cover to

  • the smart cover will not fit the ipad1, also, the magnets are built into the ipad, not the smart cover, therefore the smart cover will not stick to the ipad1

  • No, it doesn't have the magnetic fixtures necessary to attach it.

  • No.