Does the M-Audio Keystation 32, have an audio out? or do you have to do some weird looping? Can you use garage band for the synth sounds?

I play in a band and want to use this for a small synth. I have a macbook pro, and I wanna use some of the synth sounds off of garage band and even some of the loops. I need to know if it has an audio out or if it runs into your computer and out of the computer into the sound system?

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

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    Yes, it's compatible with Garage Band and should play any Midi sounds you have.

  • No. It's just a midi controller. doesn't make sound, only generates midi signals which run through USB. Good part is you don't need an external USB midi controller, it's built into the little keyboard which interfaces through midi directly through USB, no drivers needed either.

  • No, it doesn't and Audio output, only mini USB port, But works very well!