Does the iPad Air Smart Cover magnet hold it open as well as closed?

The previous Smart Covers only held the cover closed against the glass and it just flopped around when open. Does the new iPad Air Smart Cover have a magnet that holds against the back of the iPad when it is open? Or are they just like the other Smart Covers...

iPad Air Smart Cover

iPad Air Smart Cover

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    Yes. It does have a small magnet that holds the case against the back when opened or against the screen when it's closed. The magnet is located at the very end of the case (the first panel).

  • I just tested mine. There is a slight magnet effect to keep the cover to the back but it's not strong at all and I wouldn't count on it. You sound familiar so I don't need to tell you how the cover folds. Certainly, as I hold it to read, my hand holds the cover to the back. Again, you seem familiar so take this response as "just like the other smart Covers."