Does the FuelBand SE have sleep tracking/monitoring?

Nike's and Apple's website do not mention it but many articles about the SE from its unveiling said it will have sleep tracking, however recent articles don't make mention of it either.

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

Nike+ FuelBand SE - small (black)

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    It is not a real sleep tracking like the Jawbone UP has. It is just a session that you tag as "sleep", it is very basic and just registers start and end of your sleep. You can do the same with a pen and a sheet of paper... If you look for a sleep tracker by other products like UP or Fitbit.

  • In a way there is. You start a session either on your FuelBand or in the application and you tag it as sleeping. This is the only way I found to track sleeping and the only way I think there is. Although this will decrease your Session average, it is a way of tracking your sleeping.