does the finder itself have an alarm when battery is low and if so can it be silenced?

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

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    When the PocketFinder is running low on battery, it will send a text message or email to a designated contact, alerting them of the low battery status. The device itself does not make any noise.

    Each user can customize their account, so that the "low battery" alert will be sent when the device's battery falls below a predetermined percentage. For instance, if you'd like to receive a text message when the PocketFinder has 20% battery life left, you can do that; or, if you want to receive an email when the PocketFinder has 15% battery life remaining, you can do that too.

    These are just two of the many ways you can customize your PocketFinder.