Does the 'Find Me' feature always work?

Say the hipKey is attached to a child, or item, and the child/item is lost/hiding/abducted/stolen. Company says the Find Me feature will sound the alarm on the hipKey to locate it, but the quick guide says the action button can be pressed on the hipKey to silence the alarm, and of course the hipKey can simply be turned off (before or after the alarm sounds) by the child/abductor/thief.
Does the Find Me feature (in the app on an iPhone connected to the hipKey) sound the alarm on the hipkey after the action button has been pressed, or after the power button has been pressed (and the hipKey turned off)?

hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm

hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm

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    The Find Me feature will always work as long as hipKey is connected to iPhone / iPad.

    When pressing Find Me on iPhone / iPad an Alarm sounds in hipKey (and the other way around). The Find Me alarm on hipKey can be turned off by pressing the Action Key. If the Action Key is pressed it will be shown clearly on iPhone / iPad App, and then the user can decide to press Find Me again if required.

    If hipKey is powered OFF then it is not possible to get a Find Me alarm on it.