does the clip in clip out system scratch either the clip or the nano? It seems like with the angle it goes in, that it would eventually wear on both

it just seems to slide in a bit stiffly. Also, any word on the laxity of the clip in system?

HEX Vision Metal Watchband for iPod nano (6th Gen.)

HEX Vision Metal Watchband for iPod nano (6th Gen.)

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    I've had the band for awhile now, and have taken my iPod Nano out regularly. I still do not see any marks, or scratches, on both products. It does go in at an angle when you clip it in though, and can be a pain sometimes (You get use to it). If you read the box, that the band comes in, it does say it is a special type of metal that won't scratch your iPod. So in other words.. No it will not scratch your iPod from taking it in or out. And it shouldn't put wear on either one of these products.

  • I have no wear on band or the Nano.

  • Scratches a bit, to be honest you hear more scratching sounds than what it actually scratches, so I'd say don't out it in/out every single day