Does the car adapter work with the new iphone 5? Thanks, John

Just Mobile Highway Pro Charger

Just Mobile Highway Pro Charger

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    Why would you need to buy the adapter?
    Just thinking out loud here, but couldn't you just use the cord that came with the iPhone 5 and plug it directly into one of the USB jacks on this car adapter?
    Even buying a second charging/syncing cord ($19) is cheaper than the adapter ($29). Ten dollars is ten dollars... especially today.

  • of course , but ,,,, you need buy Lightning to 30-pin Adapter ,for 30$,,

  • In response to the last answer, it's $39.95, not $29. If you are like me, and purchase 4 charging cords over the last year for my car, it comes out to be about $39.95. I say buy it once and forget about it. Why go through the inconvenience.