Does the audio pass through the lightning connector?

Given VGA is video only, can the Lightning Port on the adapter be used for audio and power or just power? Does the audio pass through the connector?

Lightning to VGA Adapter

Lightning to VGA Adapter

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  • The Lightning port does support audio. However, VGA does NOT.
    You will not get audio out via a VGA adapter and cable.

  • Best Answer:

    Yes, the Apple Lightning connector passes audio in digital format through any official Lightning cable. For instance, I use a Lightning cable to pass a digital audio signal from my iPhone 5 to my Sony PHA-1 external portable DAC/Headphone AMP combo and it sounds amazing!

  • The iPhone 5S dock has 3 connections on it.

    1) The male lightning connector to the phone

    2) The female lightning connector to the PC

    3) Line Out jack

    With 1) and 3) connected, you can play content from the iPhone to headphones.


    - lightning connectors can carry audio

    and either

    - The lightning connectors is carrying line level analog audio


    - The lightning connectors is carrying digital audio, and the $25 Apple Dock includes a DAC and audio amplifiers powered from the iPhone.

    its hard to decide which of the latter two to believe.

  • yes