Does the anti glare film work on the older iphone?

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

Power Support HD Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 4

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    Probably, but you wouldn't need the crystal back film for the iPhone 3G/S or earlier. Secondly, the film, front and back is made specifically for the iPhone4 which means that it has the camera holes and flash hole in all the right places which you don't need for the earlier iPhone versions. Best to buy the approrpriate version of antiglare film for the iPhone or iTouch.

  • The cutting for this phone is for the iPhone 4. The 3GS or 3G will require a slightly different cut. ;)

  • The holes for the home button and phone speaker are slightly further apart on the iphone 4 than on the iphone 3gs, so at best, the hole for the speaker is slightly off center but it works.

  • It is designed for the iPhone 4 and as such is precision cut for the 4g. They do make one for older models so buy the right one and don't be disappointed.

  • the new iphone 4 is slightly taller than the older models so the film will be sligtly too long

  • No it will not work with the older iPhone models. However, you can buy the films that are made for the older iPhones.