Does the AirPort Extreme have a hard drive on which I can store files? I want a wireless external hard drive. Is this what I'm looking for?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    This one does not have a wireless hard drive built in. The Time Capsule is the same thing as the Airport Extreme base station but it has a build in hard drive that you can back up to wirelessly. But If I'm understanding this right, then you can buy an external hard drive and plug it into the Airport Extreme base station and then you would be able to back up to that hard drive wirelessly over the network.

  • No. You can attach an external USB hard drive to the Airport Extreme, or look at the Time Capsule which has a built in hard drive and supports time machine backups.

  • You can attach a USB drive and use it for files, but it is NOT officially supported for Time Machine backups. It works well for some folks, not so well for some, and not at all for others. So don't depend on it.