Does the ac adapter actually charge the battery while using it during a playback on the TV?

Apple Composite AV Cable

Apple Composite AV Cable

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    yes,ac adapter is for long time you may use iphone,ipod and so on...during playback.

  • Yes, the AC adapter works the same way as the normal charging of the iPod does, you can also play on TV without AC plugged in or use the AC part to just charge without using cable to plug in. Works in every way like a normal apple cable, but with the extra boost of being able to plug it into a TV!

  • No, unless it is a 5 watt device. These include the iPod and iPhone. Not the iPad. It will power the iPad, but not charge the battery while the device is powered on. You could use the 10 watt adapter that came with your iPad if you need to both power the device and charge the battery.