Does TC work like Airport Express?

Meaning that:
1> When setup in Bridge Mode it connects wirelessly to my current WAP (Wireless Access Point), and will it also be a WiFi repeater?

2 > The Ethernet Ports work as a switch so when other devices are plugged in, they too will wirelessly connect to my home network?

3> The USB Port can be used to connect as a network printer (with Bonjour)?

4> And by doing all of the above it can hopefully still be used by my MAC's to do wireless Time Machine backups?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    No, Time Capsule does not work like AirPort Express. However, it does work like an AirPort Extreme due to the fact that an AirPort Extreme is included in the case as part of a Time Capsule. It will do everything you have asked. It will extend a non-Apple wireless network, but it does not stream music.