Does PowerPoint 2011 now support multiple master slides? This is why I stopped using PowerPoint years ago and haven't gone back.

Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011

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    (This response is for the Macintosh.)

    PowerPoint 2011 allows you to create multiple master slides, but I would not say it supports them.

    PowerPoint becomes completely confused about what slides are using what masters when you try to use more than one master within a presentation.

    You can have a single slide selected, and when you change its master, a seemingly arbitrary number of other slides also start using that master.

    Meanwhile, the list of masters on the Theme ribbon will report that no slides use a given master even though it is clear that many slides do.

    So, you can create as many master slides as you want. As long as you use only one, you'll be fine.