Does nano 6th generation need a receiver and/or a sensor?

I have a nano 6th and bought the nike+ipod kit. For the first couple times I ran with the receiver and the sensor but I accidentally found the nike+ system works just as fine without them; it still records all my runs with all the data. I am just confused if I hav been using it correctly because it does not seem right.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

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    You don't need a receiver and/ or a sensor to use the Nano 6th generation to track your runs.

    However, on its own I found it to be pretty inaccurate. Even after calibrating the device it was still getting the distance wrong by about 20/30%.

    With the sports kit added the Nano becomes much more useable for running. I calibrated once and am now able to track my runs with more accuracy.

  • You don't need either for an iPod Nano, as it already has a built in accelerometer. Thats why, as you've found, you don't actually need it for running!

    What you can use the receiver part for, is to hook up to a remote heart rate monitor (like a Polar)

    It does state on the Apple web site that the Nike + iPod kit is compatible with the Nano, but it also states that you only need it if you want to add the heart rate function to your logger.