Does mounting the AirPort Extreme vertically change the WiFi coverage area?

H-Squared Air Mount for AirPort Extreme

H-Squared Air Mount for AirPort Extreme

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    It will make some difference. How much depends on a myriad of variables that are difficult to predict. As with any RF device, signal propagation and power is highly tied into the antenna design, and since nothing is 100% omnidirectional, changing the orientation will modify the coverage area, mostly likely resulting in an increased vertical bias, assuming Apple designed the Airport Extreme with a horizontal bias. (Which is most likely the design specification).

    All that being said, real-life performance will answer this question for you. If you notice a loss of signal strength, or a loss of coverage area, try bringing the unit back to horizontal, and testing it.



  • I use my smartphone with an WiFi scanning App to experiment with my Airport Extreme position whilst reading off the actual received signal strength in dBm; some WiFi apps allow you to do a walk-test around your hotzone and make subtle changes. RF and antennas are 'magic' but can be tamed with the correct tools!

  • no it does not change the wifi connection