does mic. office for mac2011 h&b. require windows 7? I'm new and afraid to put it on,

I'm not familiar enough with the requirement terms, but have always heard not to put windows on a mac unless you really know what you're doing...I don't yet, but it would be nice to do my school work on my mac, if it is compatible with the
school's computer internet they use internet explorer, and I think office , word, excel and powerpoint 2007,I think. is only compatible through email? what about flash drives? they prefer that at school. Should I just not go there? or is it easier than I think? any help would be great, is there also a cheat sheet for conversion to the layout of the features, tools,etc. (like the ribbon) in comparison to "Word" "on a PC, with firefox, and internet explorer? Thank's Lori H

  • Asked by Lori H from Spokane
  • Feb 19, 2011
Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011

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