does keeping the ipod nano on the clock app kill the battery? how long does it last?

iWatchz Q Series watchband for iPod nano

iWatchz Q Series watchband for iPod nano

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    The watch only comes on when you press the power button. After 20 seconds the display dims and then 40 seconds later it switches off.
    Therefore, only a tiny amount of power is being used.
    I have a 16GB Nano. After a full charge, and without using it as a music player at all, the battery lasted 4 days exactly (96 hours) until the battery meter turned red.
    It last a further 52 hours until the Nano stopped responding and asked to be attached to a power source.
    I pressed the button to view the watch screen about fifteen times per day.
    So in total, on a full charge you'll get just over 6 days of use as a watch, without using it for music.

  • it can't stay on the clock app, after 20sec it dims and after 40sec it automatically goes to sleep.

  • yes,but not so much