Does it work with iPad 2 or just iPad?

LARK Un-Alarm Clock and Sleep Sensor

LARK Un-Alarm Clock and Sleep Sensor

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    @ LL Seems to work with iPad2 with a difficulty. I was able to install and update (important) the app and set the alarm. Unfortunately, the LARK 'core' in the wristband failed to go off in the morning and I woke up later as I didn't want to have an audio alarm (provided as a fail-safe in the app) but may have to re-think this. When I plugged the core into the dock, it did update my sleep info. Apparently, this has happened to other customers - perhaps the core is loosing battery power - and am working with tech support to fix the issue my iOS currently 4.3.1. I think the iPad2 is not an issue, but not sure...

  • LARK is compatible with both iPad and iPad 2.